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Cyber Resilience Conference

1 juni 2023 - 2 juni 2023

Surviving the cyber tsunami and protecting your business

Given the number of cybersecurity threats – like ransomware…or worse, knowing what is happening unseen online in the context of the war in Ukraine – it should be crystal clear by now that cybersecurity needs to be a topic that should be at the top of every organisation’s agenda. To ensure European (and therefore also Belgian) organisations truly take cybersecurity seriously, the regulator is pushing forward with ever clearer regulations to make sure we all build a more resilient society moving forward. The enforcement of GDPR is being taken ever more seriously, the NIS2 directive raises the bar for critical infrastructures and the Cyber Resilience Act should make our nation-states more resilient. The Cyber Security Act targets to allow European security services to be certified to provide a “trust mark” that organisations/citizens can rely on. The upcoming revision of the Trust Regulation targets a more trusted European Identity ecosystem. And rest assured, there is even more on the horizon.

Next to having a look into those regulations, the Cyber Resilience Conference targets also to discuss different domains in which organisations should act to protect their business and will be able to be resilient in these new and dangerous times. That is why during this conference we will cover a wide variety of topics like threat intelligence, governance risk compliance management, human resources security and awareness, application API security, and cloud security, as well as advanced topics like data security and AI. An organisation needs to have its organisational controls in place. This is next to that infrastructure (like a cloud) needs to be under control. And let’s not forgot those applications as well as in this omni-interconnected world areas like applications and APIs. One simply cannot just act in one area as any weak link will be exploited.

In summary, we target to enlighten you on surviving this tsunami of threats, this tidal wave of regulations and advances in key areas to increase your organisation’s resilience. This is via inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions as well as roundtables and debates with experts and colleagues.


1 juni 2023
2 juni 2023


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