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Future Vision Health – not so future anymore

Future Vision Health niet meer in de toekomst

After what seems like too long a time confined to my Microsoft office in Redmond, next week I will hit the road to visit with some of our customers and partners in the greater Louisville area. The reason for my visit is an invitation to provide a breakfast keynote to the membership of the Health Enterprises Network (HEN) of Greater Louisville. Louisville is home to a large number of influential health and healthcare companies including Norton Healthcare, Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and Baptist Hospital Systems just to name a few. HEN lists more than 188 member companies with over 1200 individual representatives.

This is in fact the second time I’ve had an opportunity to keynote at a HEN event. The first was perhaps seven or eight years ago, not long after we released something called the Microsoft Health Future Vision Video. That video has since been viewed by thousands and thousands of people all over the world. At the time of the video’s release, most people thought we were envisioning a world of health and healthcare that seamed highly improbable within the 7 to 12 year time frame we were forecasting. We were showing tablet computers (which ironically looked a lot like today’s iPad or Surface computer) long before there was anything like this on the market. We speculated that consumers would wear sensors during exercise that could record physiological data and send it wirelessly to the cloud where, with permission, their physician or researchers could review the data and make treatment recommendations. We also showed gigantic flat screen devices in the consumer’s home with multiparty video conferencing capabilities, and self-help kiosks in retail pharmacies. We even alluded to wireless charging for smartphones and other devices in the home. In fact, I think about 90 percent or more of what we forecasted then has actually come true, and in some cases is rather broadly available. Remember, virtually none of this actually existed at the time we shot the video. During my keynote, I’ll reflect on that journey along with my own personal journey in Health ICT as a physician and industry executive, and provide some real world examples of the technologies both consumers and clinicians are using today and will be using tomorrow.

If you are a member of the Health Enterprises Network, I hope to see you next Tuesday morning in Louisville. Be sure to come up to the podium and say “hello”. And stay tuned to HealthBlog in February when I’ll be taking you on yet another visit to see what’s happening in Health IT “down under” when I visit my Microsoft colleagues, customers and partners in Australia and New Zealand.​

Bill Crounse, MD Senior Director
Worldwide Health, Microsoft